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The Sierra Wand is created entirely from pure red jasper. This stone is inclined to create a very a deep + powerful connection with the earth as it carries the spiritual vibration of grounding and resonates with the root chakra.

This crystal offers stability in your life while providing vivid insights into your personal stresses and difficulties. This is helpful when it comes to your emotional equilibrium.

The Sierra Wand assists in correcting such stresses + injustices, providing profound insight in order to help solve any issues that may come up. It can help release guilt, shame, and trauma from negative experiences.

Red jasper is a powerful aid in raising kundalini energy. It stimulates an increase in strength, energy, and stamina by working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. 


  • Stimulate life force energy to awaken stamina, focus, and determination
  • Enhance your tantra practice
  • Promoting passion to manifest ideas/goals/dreams
  • Set goals and follow them through to completion
  • Rejuvenate + energize your libido
  • Clear your mind during meditation + contemplation
  • Stimulating passion and manifesting new ideas
  • Promote s-exual compatibility

Sierra is our original shaped wand: heavy and suitable for amorous massage.

  • 100% natural red jasper
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Measured Flat: 7” long and 1.65” wide
  • Circumference: 3.75” at the small end and 6” at the large end 

Each wand is completely unique in shape, color, and size due to the carver's stone.

The Sierra Wand is made of 100% pure red jasper crystal, then crafted + polished into a desirable shape for ultimate pleasure.

This wand is designed to bring about a higher and vibration to yourself and to your yoni. It also transforms your personal relationship with your body and with your higher self. It helps you to let go of the many scripts we have of what pleasure should look like in order to allow you to trust your own pleasure-based instincts, without guilt and without shame.

The wand is completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates, which are known to play a factor in disrupting the endocrine system.


The Sierra Wand is designed to internally + also sensually massage your yoni.

You can insert it into the yoni, just las you would with any other pleasure tool. The sensation is smooth with a gorgeous heaviness to it, and it holds an energetic frequency that brings about creative energy, good fortune, and a total bodily reset.

The wand warms up to your body temperature during pleasuring, however it might be a little cold at the beginning. You can wash the wand in hot water beforehand so that when you insert the warm wand it heightens sensations and pleasure tremendously. Be sure to let it cool slightly so as you don’t burn your intimate parts!


Prior to use, we always suggest that you put an intention into the crystal before each use. The intention can be as having a desire to connect with your deepest desires, cultivating more self-love, seeking to heal your relationship with your partner or yourself, sending someone who needs love some loving energy, etc. Keep your intention for healing in mind while using this wand and feel (then see) the dramatic effects and changes that take place.

Allow your yoni to invite the wand inside, then allow the walls of your yoni to draw and bring it further inside. By doing so you will bring up and strengthen your yoni power.


Upon receiving your wand, sterilize it gently with room temperature water and chemical free soap (or vinegar) first to clean off any bacteria that may be present.

Then you may cleanse and charge your wand energetically by leaving it under a full moon or by placing it in a bowl of sea salt + water (unless you have access to ocean water). By doing so you wash and clear away any unwanted energy that may be lingering onto the wand. This ultimately resets the crystal wand as well as infuses YOUR energy into the crystal.And after each use wash with soap and warm water, and leave in a sacred space in your room.

Enjoy your wand and the new-found power and love of, within and for your yoni!


  • Store your wand in a place you deem sacred.

  • Cleanse + energetically charge your wand under the moon, with sage or palo santo, under salt water, etc. to bring it back to a neutral energetic level, as crystals hold onto the energy of the owner.

  • Wash it prior to and after use with hot (never boiling hot) water and soap.

  • Set your intention into the wand before each use for the ultimate sensual magic!


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